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« The only limit to dreams is our imagination. Samsung Electronics is constantly reinventing the future to make life happier and richer. By exploring the unknown, we discover new territories full of promise. « 

Samsungis a Korean brand, leader in several fields. It was created in 1938by Lee Byung-Chul. It is best known as the number one brand of smartphonesand displaysof all kinds. But the Korean firm is also positioning itself as a major manufacturer in the household appliancemarket. Indeed, the Korean firm develops, manufactures and markets household appliances that best satisfy consumers. Samsung is present in more than 70 countries, including Senegal.
A manufacturer always at the cutting edge of technology
Its vision is to create a better world by bringing reliable and innovativeproducts to the market. This is why the Korean brand invests a lot of resources in the development of new technologies, in order to facilitate the daily life of its consumers.

Through its subsidiary Samsung Electronics, the Korean firm has become one of the leading companies in the world of electronics. It offers its customers increasingly sophisticated equipment with the latest advances in technology. To do this, we need only look at the latest panels that equip Samsung’s smartphones and displays, or the technologies embedded in Samsung’s refrigeratorsand other electronic devices. The Korean firm does not skimp on the quality of its products.
Samsung: always closer to its customers
In order to be closer to its consumers and to meet their needs, Samsunghas developed specific products for each region. Indeed, being present in several countries on several continents, Samsungmust design devices that meet the specific expectations of consumers. This is how Samsung has designed products for Africa. These Samsung home appliances manufactured for Africa range from refrigerators to washing machines and TV screens.

By developing the Cool Pack technology found on its DuraCool refrigerators, Samsung has developed appliances that respond to the African lifestyle. Indeed, these devices allow to keep the cold, even several hours after a power cut. In addition, these appliances consume less energy and are therefore more economical. Moreover, Samsung washing machines, equipped with Deep Foam technology, also save water and electricity, resources to be used intelligently nowadays.
Samsung: market leader in displays and telephony
In the TV display market, Samsungoffers innovative and reliable products. You will find TV screens of all sizes and especially curved screens. The Korean brand has especially stood out with its Smart TVs. These « smart » devices are connected and surprise both by their thinness (very thin screen) and by their level of technology (HD, Full HD, 4k or 3D).

You can enjoy the power of Samsung TVs by combining them with Samsung home theaters. Enjoy unparalleled power and sound quality.

Also, Samsungis synonymous with high-end phones. The brand offers both its smartphones from the Galaxy family like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and feature phones. Tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab are also available as well as accessories such as headphones and induction chargers.
Samsung: high-tech appliances for everyone
Samsungalso markets a wide range of household appliances. In this sector, the Korean brand also tries to stand out from its competitors with its high-tech products.

Samsungoffers a wide range of air conditioners on the Senegalese market. But it is thanks to the Virus Doctor technology that Samsung air conditioners are successful. Indeed, these splits allow to eliminate viruses and bacteria present in the air. They allow you to live in a fresh and healthy place.

For the kitchen, the company has developed efficient and effective dishwashers. These appliances not only save energy and water, but also clean your plates quickly. In addition, Samsung ovensand microwavesare a real plus for your kitchen. Apart from their exceptional design, they are equipped with features that make them easy to use and especially to prepare healthy dishes.
Computer products of the Samsung brand
Samsunghas long been a major player in the manufacture of electronic components, including RAM memory sticks, hard disks, recording drives, etc. But, the company ended up marketing its own computers. It has also conquered the market with its wide screen monitorssuch as the curved screen monitor which offers ultra sharp image quality.

Finally, Samsungalso offers multifunction printers for various uses in the office and at home. These fast printing devices also save ink and time.

  • XOF: 400,000CFA
  • USD: $702
  • GBP: £557
  • XOF: 287,000CFA
  • USD: $504
  • GBP: £400

Téléviseur 70-79 pouces

Samsung QLED 75Q60T TV – Smart 4K

  • XOF: 1,253,500CFA
  • USD: $2,200
  • GBP: £1,746
  • XOF: 80,500CFA
  • USD: $141
  • GBP: £112
  • XOF: 109,500CFA
  • USD: $192
  • GBP: £153
  • XOF: 472,000CFA
  • USD: $828
  • GBP: £658
  • XOF: 788,000CFA
  • USD: $1,383
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