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Syinix is an appliance brand that was created in 2015. Being a young brand, it wants to be ambitious and settle durably in the Senegalese market.
Syinix is a Chinese brand that belongs to the TRANSSION HOLDINGS group, which also produces the telephone brands TECNO, ITEL, INFINIX as well as the accessories ORAIMO and ITEL ACCESSORIES. The brand includes products such as: televisions (Led and Smart of all categories), rechargeable and non-rechargeable fans, refrigerators and freezers of all models, microwaves, coffee makers of different qualities, mixers for your fruits, air conditioners, irons, washing machines, electric stoves.
In Africa, Syinix provides first-class after-sales service to its customers by cooperating with Carlcare Service Center, which is a leading service brand for consumer electronics in Africa with many stores in African countries. Carlcare in Senegal provides after-sales service for Syinix equipment and handles all repairs with original spare parts.
Syinix is a world-renowned appliance brand. With an innovative functional design and a more exquisite detailing of its products, its finishing design is integrated with sober and simple lines. Syinix products have a unique design finish with the color theme of green which symbolizes nature and health. Syinix has a top-notch design team and Syinix products are presented with a simple and optimized user experience, which embodies its brand's artistic design of being warm, comfortable and easy to use.
For soccer fans, Syinix is one of the main sponsors of the Premier League soccer club Leicester City. This partnership with the major English club allows the brand to be included in all marketing activities of the club.

The Syinix Android TV features a bezel-less display, Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Dolby 5.1 Perfect Surround sound and an Android TV operating system at a competitive price.
"Driven by the brand's "Start Smart Living" philosophy, our goal is to enable customers to modernize and streamline the efficiency of their home life.
We respect our clients' mandates and always strive to provide the best possible value to our clients at an achievable price.
Through our collaboration with Google, we believe this will further enhance the usefulness of our smart devices and, in turn, give our customers more power to enjoy their family life more intelligently. " said Leon, marketing director for Syinix.
Multi-faceted approach to connection provides flexibility for users
Syinix Smart Android TV is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which works with many Bluetooth devices such as sound bars, speakers or a keyboard and mouse to control and increase the ease of connection.
With more options to connect to external audio systems, it is possible to customize the TV's functions to even better accommodate large crowds at home, such as house guests, allowing people to enjoy socializing with friends or family at home.
Meanwhile, Android TV's comprehensive selection of content via Google Play includes more than 5,000 apps and games, offering users a complete entertainment experience.
Frameless screen, 4K Ultra HD resolution and surround sound create an immersive entertainment experience
The Syinix Android TV features a frameless design, offering a larger field of view.
The TV will be sold in a wide range of sizes from 32" to 75" to meet various large screen needs.
The Syinix Android TV has a 4K Ultra HD resolution, with more than 4 times the resolution of a 1080p HD television. With over 8.29 million pixels displayed on the screen, Syinix Android TV offers the best image quality and unfathomable resolution.
The TV has enhanced image processing with HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, allowing users to see richer and more realistic colors.
The TV features immersive 5.1 surround sound with a Dolby decoder that optimizes its sound quality for a seamless entertainment experience that allows consumers to immerse themselves in the content of their choice.
Android TV offers a simple, useful and complete interface
Android TV allows users to access content from various platforms and connect their TV to a wide range of smart devices at home in a more user-friendly way.
With Chromecast and AirPlay built-in, the Syinix Android TV can act as a consumer's second cell phone screen, easily streaming movies, music, photos and more to their TV.

An ordinary air conditioner simply produces cooling, but that is not enough!
An extraordinary air conditioner brings more convenience at a lower cost with minimal intervention and problems. That's what the Syinix air conditioner can offer.
With the TURBO COOL function, enjoy with a simple click an enlarged air intake that will help produce more air flow and make the cooling stronger and faster, turbo cool triggers the maximum speed to quickly reach the set temperature and cool your room in a very short time.
The automatic restart function allows a quick restart in case of a voltage drop or unexpected power failure, and the low voltage startup is suitable for unstable power areas as the unit can operate between 170 and 265 V.
With the Self-Cleaning, say goodbye to bad smells and hello to Freshness with a new generation of hydrophilic, the fast flow of condensate water evacuates the dust from the evaporator and dries it by a fan after shutdown, to obtain an automatic cleaning. When this function is started, the indoor fan speed will continue to run for a while after the unit is turned off by the remote control. This function can only be activated in cold and dry mode.
This smart air conditioner contains coolness leakage protection and self-diagnostic design for long-lasting use through, high-sensitivity sensor and intelligent microchip algorithm. When the volume of freshness is less than 30% of the full load, an error code will occur to give an alarm and the operation will be stopped. The Syinix AC unit is always under protection.
With its anti-corrosion protection, every erosion-sensitive part of Syinix AC is technically well treated to ensure better performance with minimal intervention and longer life. An optimized exchanger fin is designed to resist corrosion and prevent bacterial growth. The high quality thickened galvanized steel sheet has better weight capacity and multiple anti-rust capability.
On the material side, Syinix AC widely applies the ABS-FR 5VA fireproof plastic and metal electrical shell, to reduce the risk of fire to a minimum. On the other hand, the structure of the wiring contact area is closely under the attention and design of the well, to avoid any cut wire. An integrated design of the rear base and water pan is provided to prevent water leakage and reduce the operating noise level.
In power mode, when the air conditioner reaches a comfortable temperature, it will directly switch to energy saving mode.

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50-59 inch televisions

Syinix 55A1S UHD TV – Android TV

  • EUR: €608
  • USD: $651
  • GBP: £537
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50-59 inch televisions

Syinix 50A1S UHD TV – Android TV

  • EUR: €467
  • USD: $501
  • GBP: £413