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LGGroup is a conglomerate of South Korean companies. The brand was founded in 1947 by Koo Ja-Kyong under the name "Lucky Goldstar", before becoming LG in 1995. The South Korean industrial group is best known around the world for its consumer electronics products, including television screens and home appliances. It is its subsidiaries LG Electronics and LG Display that the brand has become popular throughout the world. LGis present in several countries including Senegal.
LG: a major player in the display market
LGis one of the largest display manufacturers in the world. Moreover, the company is the leader in the manufacture of LCD screens. Together with the other Korean company Samsung, they account for just over 50% of the LCDmarket share. LGproduces displays for various other manufacturers. It manufactures panels for Smartphone screens as well as for TVs and monitors. Among other things, it is the third largest phone manufacturer in the world

Thanks to the mastery of OLEDtechnology, the Korean group is the leader in the field. The Korean company offers screens with a unique design (some with a curved panel). That's why Electroménager Dakar has selected for you LG TVs of exceptional quality. You can choose from Full HD, 4k, Super UHD screens, but also 3D Smart TV.

The same is true of LG monitors. Among these quality LG displays, you will find beautiful IPS as well as Ultrawide displays that will give you an unforgettable visual experience.
LG: high-tech, reliable and stylish appliances
The Korean giant has often innovated in several areas. In particular, it launched the first steam washing machines on the household appliance market. La marque coréenne vous propose des produits innovants respectueux à la fois de votre linge et de l’environnement. In addition, LG washing machines save up to 60% of energy. Thanks to the Turbo Wash technology, your laundry is done in record time.

By combining design and performance, this household appliance giant offers unique appliancesthat fit easily into your home. LG refrigerators, whose noise and performance have been optimized, also feature a sleek design and beautiful colors. On the other hand, you will undoubtedly fall under the spell of LG microwaves. They will add a real decorative touch to your home with their elegant design.

As far as air conditioners are concerned, the manufacturer is also innovating by proposing devices with a refined design, high performance and above all"energy efficient". Equipped with the Inverter technology, the LG air conditioners allow to cool quickly the rooms in which they are placed and to benefit from a clean air thanks to the various anti-allergy and anti-bacterial filters.

Electroménager Dakar allows you to enjoy LG home appliances at low prices. Make your choice among the products of our catalog and enjoy these quality products at discount prices.

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  • XOF: 511,750CFA
  • EUR: €832
  • GBP: £735
  • XOF: 1,100,000CFA
  • EUR: €1,787
  • GBP: £1,581
  • XOF: 1,700,000CFA
  • EUR: €2,762
  • GBP: £2,443
  • XOF: 123,000CFA
  • EUR: €200
  • GBP: £177
  • XOF: 207,000CFA
  • EUR: €336
  • GBP: £297
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  • XOF: 2,255,000CFA
  • EUR: €3,664
  • GBP: £3,240
  • XOF: 1,040,000CFA
  • EUR: €1,690
  • GBP: £1,494
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Téléviseur 80-89 pouces

LG 88″ 2XPVA OLED TV – Smart TV 8K

  • XOF: 15,750,000CFA
  • EUR: €25,594
  • GBP: £22,633
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70-79 inch television set

LG 77″ OLED77GXPVA TV – Smart TV 4K

  • XOF: 3,990,000CFA
  • EUR: €6,484
  • GBP: £5,734
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70-79 inch television set

LG 75″ UN71006LC TV – Smart TV

  • XOF: 995,000CFA
  • EUR: €1,617
  • GBP: £1,430
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60-69 inch television set

LG 65″ OLED65C9PUA TV – Smart TV

  • XOF: 1,490,000CFA
  • EUR: €2,421
  • GBP: £2,141
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50-59 inch televisions

LG SM8100AUA 55″ – Smart TV

  • XOF: 592,000CFA
  • EUR: €962
  • GBP: £851