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Hisenseis a Chinese company founded in 1969in Qingdao, Shandong province. The company initially manufactured radios before moving into the television market. Since then, the company has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances and especially flat screens. Hisensealso manufactures mobile communication devices such as smartphones. The Chinese company is present in nearly 130 countries around the world, including Senegal.

The Chinese manufacturer wants to make the latest technologies affordable and offer its consumers devices with premium design.
Hisense: the global specialist in flat panel displays
If there is one area in which Hisenseexcels, it is undoubtedly the manufacture of flat screens. Indeed, the televisions of the Chinese brand are known for their quality and their thinness of display. To achieve these results, the Chinese firm has a state-of-the-art research center.

This enables Hisenseto offer consumers around the world products such as the Hisense 4k curved TV, a TV with a curved panel for total immersion. Its full range of TVs also includes UltraHD TVs, QLED TVsand 3D TVs.
Hisense: home appliances with premium design
The Chinese manufacturer brings affordable products with premium design to the home appliance market. Hisensebrand appliances include:
The fridges
Hisenseoffers you several types of refrigerators, from American refrigerators to combination refrigerators and single refrigerators. These appliances are manufactured to exacting standards and feature modern design and functionality to make your daily life easier.
Like refrigerators, Hisense freezers offer very good cooling performance. Hisenseoffers chest freezers and upright freezers or cabinets.
Washing machines
Hisense washing machines are equipped with 360° intelligent washing technology, a technology that assesses the water, detergent, etc. needs of your laundry in order to propose the most suitable cleaning cycle. In addition, the washing machines of the Chinese brand are resistant and reliable appliances.
Air conditioners
Hisenseoffers several types of air conditioners. Cabinet air conditioners, splitsand also mobile or portable air conditioners. The Chinese firm is mainly in the manufacture of reversible air conditioners. Choose from robust, state-of-the-art equipment.

Finally, Hisensehas also entered the smartphonemarket. The company makes Android based smartphones with a sleek design and capabilities that would overshadow many competitors. At Hisense, you'll find entry-level, mid-range and high-end phones.

  • XOF: 215,000CFA
  • EUR: €349
  • GBP: £309
  • XOF: 320,000CFA
  • EUR: €520
  • GBP: £460

70-79 inch television set

Hisense 75″ A7500F TV – 4k Smart TV

  • XOF: 745,000CFA
  • EUR: €1,211
  • GBP: £1,071
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60-69 inch television set

Hisense 65″ A7100F TV – Smart TV 4k

  • XOF: 610,000CFA
  • EUR: €991
  • GBP: £877
  • XOF: 250,000CFA
  • EUR: €406
  • GBP: £359
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  • XOF: 178,000CFA
  • EUR: €289
  • GBP: £256
  • XOF: 245,000CFA
  • EUR: €398
  • GBP: £352
  • XOF: 265,000CFA
  • EUR: €431
  • GBP: £381
  • XOF: 240,000CFA
  • EUR: €390
  • GBP: £345
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  • XOF: 65,000CFA
  • EUR: €106
  • GBP: £93