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Binatone is an English brand founded in 1958 by brothers Gulu and Partap Lalvani. The company initially specialized in the sale and distribution of electronic devices. Today the British company has two major subsidiaries namely Binatone Lifestyle and Binatone Communications which serve the home appliance and telecommunication markets respectively with quality devices.

British quality serving the world's consumers

Binatone is a brand with a presence in more than 75 countries around the world. It brings quality, well-designed products to the household appliances market at affordable prices. Indeed, the British company has made affordability its hallmark. It aims to offer all its customers around the world quality household appliances at the lowest possible prices.

And to do this, the company relies on its research and development center, which allows the company to bring to the home appliance market, innovative products that meet the ever-growing needs of users. Thus, Binatone tries to improve your daily lifestyle with its quality appliances.

Binatone household appliances

In the home appliance market, Binatone has launched a variety of products to improve consumers' daily lives. The Binatone appliances are designed according to international standards. They are resource and energy efficient and, in addition, come with a two-year warranty.

Among the brand's products are cooling appliances like fans. Indeed, Binatone offers several types of fans: ceiling fans, desk fans, standing fans, exhaust fans, etc. But Binatone goes one step further by bringing to market rechargeable fans with a sleek design.

But the British brand is best known for its refrigerators and freezers. Binatone markets fridges of all sizes, equipped with innovative features to better preserve your food. Some refrigerator models even come with a water dispenser.

As for freezers, the brand offers products of various sizes with Deep cooling and Fast freezing technologies that allow for fast and deep freezing of your products. In addition, Binatone also manufactures and markets water coolers.

Binatone appliances for the entire home

When it comes to home maintenance, Binatone has also put its expertise to work for you. Appliances such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, ironing machines... are available from the British manufacturer.

For the kitchen, the British brand offers you quality appliances such as blenders, mixers or even cookers and ovens. With its innovative appliances, you will bring an undeniable touch of modernity to your kitchen.

Finally, Binatone also offers voltage regulators as well as inverters (UPS). These accessories help protect your appliances from sudden drops or spikes in electrical voltage or power outages.

Choosing Binatone products means opting for British quality at an affordable price. Make your life easier and change your everyday life with Binatone appliances.

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30.000 CFA

Air conditioning | Ventilation

Ventilateur sur pied A-1691 Binatone

21.000 CFA

Air conditioning | Ventilation

Ventilateur Binatone A-1687R – Télécommande

29.000 CFA

Air conditioning | Ventilation

Ventilateur sur pied Binatone HDF-3020

52.500 CFA

Air conditioning | Ventilation

Ventilateur sur pied ITAL-1660 Binatone

26.500 CFA

Air conditioning | Ventilation

Ventilateur sur pied A-1692 MK4 Binatone

25.500 CFA
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Air conditioning | Ventilation

Binatone TS-2020 Stand Fan

32.000 CFA
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Air conditioning | Ventilation

Binatone TS-1880 stand fan

30.000 CFA

Air conditioning | Ventilation

Binatone IWF-2600 wall fan

46.000 CFA